Cryptotap -- a NFC offline wallet that is safe and secure.

Tap Into The Future.

As Technology evolves, so must we. Cryptotap offers a high security offline Bitcoin & Litecoin Wallet that has many uses. Every step of the process was designed with your security in mind. We generate all of our addresses offline, and use an offline high security ID printer to print your cards. Our cards come as a pair, you get one Public and one Private card for your security. The cards already work with most Mobile Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets -- we suggest using Mycelium Wallet. (For Cold Storage Spending)

Tap to refill

Tap your Cryptotap card to any NFC device with internet access to refill your wallet. NFC is a simple to use technology and is being implemented worldwide as a way to process payment transactions.

Fully tested spending via Mycelium Wallet

With Mycelium wallet you are able to spend the balance, or even part of the balance on the card without having to worry about your coins going into the void due to "change addresses". Mycelium Wallet offers a "Cold Storage" spending option, which sends the remainder of the balance you do not spend back to the card, rather then a change address.


All wallets are created offline via a Ubuntu Live CD. All addresses are generated, and sent to our High Security Fargo ID printer without ever being seen by our eyes, nor cached by the Live CD. We also are allowing our customers to generate their own (encrypted) addresses, and include them in the "Leave us a Message" section when placing an order.

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